Courtesy Earl Baldwin & Bob Alberts (155th AHC)


Articles are from the 10th CAB Newspaper "Vagabond Voice" dated 10 March 1969

Unit Commanders

Major Victor E. Micol, Jr..........................1 Jan 1969-1 June 1969
Major Ray H. Evans..................................1 June 1969-2 Dec 1969
Major Ernest R. Bowling.............................2 Dec 1969- 18 Dec 1969
Captain Manuel J. Silva...............................18 Dec-1969-31 Dec 1969


Beginning the new year with an airmobile operation, the Blue Stars supported the 28th ROK by airlifting 555 troops, supplies and equipment.  This operation netted 38 enemy KIA, 1 POW and 12 captured weapons. From the 5-12 of Jan, the largest operation of the month took place. 742 troops from the 1st Battalion, 30th Regiment were inserted by the Blue Stars into the mountains NW of Phan Rang. This action resulted in 30 enemy KIA and 9 captured weapons. From 19-26 Jan elements of the 29th Regiment were placed into the mountains NW of Ninh Hoa by the Blue Stars. The 474 troops inserted brought out 66 KIA, 42 weapons, 3 machine guns, mines, and a radio.

Feb found the Blue Stars continuing their support to the ROK's. With the aid of the 48th, the 28th Regiment launched airmobile operation yen Ma #7. The 605 troops airlifted into the Tuy Hoa valley came out with 30 enemy
KIA, 4 POW's, and 10 weapons. The 30th ROK got into the act from 6-15 Feb.  Their airmobile operation, using 525 troops was quite successful with 80 enemy KIA, 7 captured machine guns and numerous rounds of ammunition.

NINH HOA- Plans are underway  here to dedicate the 48th AHC's compound after the late Warrant Officer Laurence Worthington.  Mr. Worthington was killed in action on 11 January 1969 while flying a UH-1B gunship near Phan Rang.

He not only flew in the "Jokers" Platoon, but was also the Company Awards and Decorations Officer.  No formal announcement has been made as to when the formal ceremonies will be held.
In March The Blue Star area at Ninh Hoa was named "Worthington Compound" in honor of Laurence P. Worthington who was killed in hostile action on 11 Jan, 1969.  In March, the ROK's continued their airmobile operations with the 28th Regiment conducting one in Tuy Hoa Valley. During the period 5-26 March,
the 48th and the 29th ROK Regiment conducted 2 battalion-sized operations using the 1st and 3rd Battalions. The 30th Regiment conducted a regiment-sized operation during March that terminated in the middle of April. In this large operation the 48th, 92nd, and 243rd contributed much to it's support.


NINH HOA- On the 14th of March, 1969 the 48th AHC was hit by five enemy mortar rounds. This was the first time in approximately a year that the Ninh Hoa compound had been hit, and the first time the 48th's flight line has ever been assaulted. There were no injuries and damage was described as light.


Within the next few days, the 48th AHC will be losing two of it's finest military men, SGT Melvin Bartreau, and SP5 Joseph Lewandowski. SGT Barteau, company clerk, has been with the "Blue Stars" during his entire tour here in Vietnam, and will be returning to the states to finish his enlistment.

SP5 Lewandowski has been assigned to the 48th for the past five months, having been assigned to the 174th AHC at Duc Pho previously.

With the loss of theses two fine men comes new blood to the orderly room:  SP4's Mike Hootman and Ed Courtney. We would like to wish the new men good luck in their tour with the Blue Star Company and also wish the best of luck to "Black Bart" and "Pollack" in their new stateside assignments.

48th AHC Athletic Program

Occasionally now at the 48th, a group of men will be seen running around the company area, looking for baseball gloves, balls and bat. Although as of yet the 48th has no organized athletic program (which incidentally might induce personnel to throw baseballs instead of CS grenades) there is a dedicated group of EM Officers and WO's can be found across the street from the Mess Hall in the empty parade ground adjacent to the Korean Open Theatre.

Up to now only a few games of "500" have been worked out, but the number of participants seems to be increasing each night, and there is hope that with a little encouragement from the company level, there will be sufficient players to maybe play a three or four inning game.

During the month of April, the Blue Stars supported 3 major operations for the Korean Regiments. From 5-24 April, the 28th ROK made an airmobile assault in the mountains NW of Tuy Hoa. The period of 9-24 April found the 29th ROK conducting their operations in the mountains SW of Duc My. From 26 March to 4 April, the 30th ROK with a force of 842 men made an airmobile assault into the VC infested mountains NW of Phan Rang Air Force Base. This operation cost the VC 152 KIA's.

For recreational purposes, the 48th became the first unit in the 10th Battalion to have an indoor movie theater. The recently completed building features a seating capacity of 300 people, a stage, and a projection room.

July found the Blue Stars from the 48th participating in the planning and execution of a combat operation for the 30th regiment, 9th ROK Div. This was completed on 17 Aug.

In Aug the 30th Regiment kicked off an operation in the mountains near Phan Rang. This was a two-phase operation that saw 1400 troops airlifted in the rugged mountains by the 48th AHC. On 22 Aug, the 48th supported the 3rd Battalion, 29th Regiment with a troop insertion in the area surrounding the Song Cho Valley, sweeping the entire area. The 48th provided planning, command and control, daily resupply, night medical evacuation, and fire

On 22 Aug 1969, the 48th inserted the 3rd Battalion, 29th regiment as PhaseI of a two phase operation. Phase II commenced on 10 Oct with the insertion of the 30th Regiment, 9th ROK Div reinforced with one battalion. The
Regiment operated in the mountains SW of Nha Trang and the operation known as Dong Bo 9, was terminated on 19 Oct.                                                                                                                                                                                  

In Oct FSB Kate became the major target of the enemy. Enemy aircraft positions were active all around the fire base and on the 30th Kate came under sustained enemy ground attack by at least 500 NVA. Two Joker gunships
from the 48th were diverted to Kate. One Joker was shot down, crashed and was destroyed with no survivors.          

Nov 1969An aircraft from the 192nd was reported missing somewhere between Ninh Hoa and Ban Me Thuot. The aircraft had been on administrative flight and contact was lost after it departed the 48th Aviation Co. An aerial
search was initiated at first light using as many as 6 aircraft per day from the 48th, 92nd, 281st and 183rd Aviation Companies. The search lasted until 9 Nov with no trace of either aircraft or the crews.

1969 Honor Roll

WO1 Laurence D. Worthington -11 Jan, 1969

WO1 David R. Crow IV-9 April, 1969

CW2 Nolan E. Black- 30 Oct, 1969

CW2 Maury W. Hearne- 30 Oct, 1969

SP5 Clyde L. Canada-30 Oct, 1969

SP5 Douglas H. Lott, Jr. - 30 Oct, 1969


Unit Commander

Major Willis R. Bunting..........................1 Jan 1970-31 June 1970


Jan 70.  The 48th AHC, continuing to provide support to the White Horse ROK Infantry Div (WHRID) airlifted 1300 troops of the 30th Regiment into the Dong Bo mountains north of Dong Ba Thin on the 12th. When the operation concluded on the 28th over 4500 troops had been inserted. On the 23rd, the 48th provided aviation assets for an airmobile assault for the 29th ROK Regiment for an operation in the mountains north of Ninh Hoa. An operation was also conducted on the 28th by the 28th ROK Regiment which were airlifted by the Blue Stars into an area north of Tuy Hoa.


The 48th AHC, whose primary mission is aviation support for the WHRID, provided aircraft to the 268th Combat Aviation Battalion on the 12th in execution of an airmobile operation for the Capitol ROK Infantry Div (CRID) at An Son. On the 20th, the 48th airlifted 500 troops of the 30th Regiment, WHRID into ten landing zones west of Phan Rang.

Priority of support for the battalion aircraft again went to the WHRID. The 10th CAB conducted a division operation on 1 March with aircraft from the 48th, 92nd, 281st and the 243rd ASHC inserting the WHRID into 32 LZ's approximately 50 kilometers west of Dong Ba Thin. Vagabond aircraft inserted 5, 875 troops and 75 CH-47 loads around the location of a suspected VC base camp. The 48th AHC lost one aircraft during the combat assault while making an approach to a pinnacle. The Blue Stars felt a personal loss in this crash when the pilot suffered fatal injuries. The operation lasted for two weeks.


The WHRID was inserted by Vagabond aircraft into an area west of Tuy Hoa on the 28th. The 48th AHC and the 243rd ASHC continued to provide support for WHRID until completion of the operation in May. The operation proved to be quite successful.

During wide-spread attacks, the 48th AHC received two rounds of mortar fire on the 10th with negative damage and casualties.


In company size or smaller operations, the 48th AHC supported 5 combat assaults and three extractions for elements of the 28th and 29th Regiments, WHRID from 1 through 24 Aug. These operations were conducted in areas west of Tuy Hoa and west of Ninh Hoa.


The WHRID initiated  operation Do Kae Bi on 1 Sept in an area northwest of Tuy Hoa. The 48th AHC and 243rd ASHC provided resupply for the operation until the extraction was performed on the 24th.


The WHRID planned another operation in the mountains west of Tuy Hoa. During the ground operation, daily resupply was performed by the Blue Stars and Freight Train aircraft.


Aircraft from the 48th AHC were sent to An Son to RON to support the 129th AHC.

Honor Roll-1970

WO1 Larry Leitch.....................................1 March 1970

WO1 Thomas S. Rogers.............................14 July 1970

1LT Harry C. Inman III.................................31 Aug 1970

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