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Due to the shortage of our newspaper staff, the Red Ball Express is late in being published. We hope our readers understand as our Chief Editor was on R&R to Hong Kong (Where he left his heart). Another member of the staff has left to crew our pride & joy, RED BALL 731. And finally Slippery Dees has been deported to the states. We welcome a new member to the staff, Sgt ďCurlyĒ Shippy.

Buy US Savings BondsÖ Invest in your countries future, itís your future also.

We have a dictionary in our office now, so maybe our spelling will improve. ( I doubt is, JOSE doesnít know how to use it yet...Ed)

COMMENT from the TOP

The Red Ball Express is now a high flying, freight toting aircraft as well as a free-wheeling newspaper. We are making gains in bringing needed parts and tools home in Red Ball 731. It is a tribute to the 390th that this is the best looking and best flying ship on the line.

óĖ Major Rhodes

The fearless medics pulled a fast one payday and checked shot records in the pay line.


If going on R&R over payday, come in for a partial pay request no later than the 15th of the month.

The Orderly House has acquired a gook-hating watchdog.

          Mary Poppins for Ď68


The Red Ball welcomes the newest member of the Traveling Circus, SSgt Perez. Sgt Perez will act as First Sergeant until Sgt Furgason Returns,


After 18 days of assignment, I have concluded that the 390th is the finest outfit of its kind in RVN. I have also concluded that in our major effort to perform high quality work on A/C we have sometimes neglected our personal appearances and our living & work areas. Clean work areas and quality work go hand in hand, so letís take a close look a=t our quarters and work area to bring them up to the high standards which show in our A/C work.

óĖ Major Rhodes


Sp/6 Cate did not run in the last elections here. He didnít have his required 6 months residence in Ninh Hoa. However he and Bruss did vote.


Batman is off the air over here.

The Fugitive is a free man in the States.

Sgt Sanders on Combat still hasn't reloaded his machine gun.

Matt Dillon is still the fastest gun in Dodge (major Rhodes is the fastest gun in the 390th).

To whom it may concern, we didnít want to move. óĖ Bruss & JOSE

3 November 1967 Page 2


The 390th TI Section would appreciate if a serial number Check List be taken after every PE. It would help keep the historical records straight.

7808 is not the cheapest stuff around, in fact it is damn expensive as well as hard to come by. There is gross misuse of the important oil. Letís cut taxes and use the proper items the Gov. has invested such as on guns!

The Feeler Gauges are going to pot. How about keeping them clean and oiled. Remember that you canít sand the rust of a feeler gauge.


TECH SUPPLY ó Will you come in and check on parts for your ship each day. Parts are starting to come in now that 339th is open for business again. If parts are not picked up in 5 days they will be put in stock or issued to other ships (that is unless you ask for your parts to be held). Donít leave 979ís on the desk when no one is around because they may get lost or thrown out. On EDPís, make sure you get the DOC number for the EDP.

MOTOR SHOP ó No comment from Willie.

PROP & ROTOR ó No comment from Guinter.

TIN BENDERS ó Our shop is very short handed. We request that crewchiefs avoid getting shot as much as possible.

REPAIR WAGON ó The Repair Wagon is still operating but not for long. Sp/5 Ward has only 44 days and a duffle bag drag to ETS.

SPECIAL TOOLS ó Perrillo would like his special tools returned when you are done with them, he's trying to account for them so new ones can be ordered. Sodas are still being sold.

ELECTRIC SHOP ó Sp/5 Stamber says heís short, just 23 days and a duffle bag drag.

UNIT SUPPLY ó Sheets will be changed on Fridays from now on at 1300 hrs (1:00 PM for civilians). Sgt Hoy has the name tags everyone ordered, be sure to pick yours up. Sgt Hoy says he checked and we are not authorized Jungle Hats. If you want any wings (metal or cloth) check with Sgt Hoy.


At the meeting of the 48th Unit Fund Council, the purchase of a Popcorn Popper was made. This was very thoughtful since everyone likes popcorns at a Circus.


Completion of the new living area is still a long way off but progress is being made. The New Mess Hall pad is started now. All good things take time.

The Red Ball received some Christmas music so those who will be here for the Holidays can fake it a little.

Caution to all Turkeys, Thanksgiving is coming.


The Red Ball still predicts Cloudy with occasional Showers so keep your poncho handy.


Wanted: Secretary, 21 Blond, and about 38-24-36. Contact the TIís.

Wanted: Mechanics of all sorts. Also Sheet Metal men, Electricians, Tech Xxxxx men, and most important, TIís. (If we donít get someone in TI soon, Bruss wonít be able to go on R&R again and he would probably be very hard to live with). Contact Major Rhodes, 390th Ring Leader.


Be sure to check the Guard Roster everyday, Its been changing twice a day lately.


Sadness is a hungry NCO who wants to eat breakfast but canít because his Mess Hall is locked.


Protestant Services are still held at the same place and at the same time, 10:00 PM.

Catholic Services are in doubt because the Catholic Chaplin is being transferred.

Above is an Ink Blot test. We will be asking reactions later.


The newly promoted men of the Traveling Circus are throwing a party tonight in the Big Top. The Red Ball congratulates the following and thanks them for the party:

         Sp/6 Careaga

         Sp/5 Damroth

         Sp/5 Gibbs

         Sgt Hoy

         Sp/5 Jeffery

         Sp/5 Stambor


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