Ken Siegel and J.C. Williamson
(wearing the appropriate dress for battle)
This is one of my favorite photos - not sure which war we were meant to be fighting... Boys will be boys...


You can read about this one in the aircraft history. We just ran out of air. I'm proud to say at least that it was a good landing! No KIA. Yes, that is the transmission and tail on the side of the crater... not sure where the blades ended up. We were extracted by an Air Force rescue chopper out of Tuy Hoa. This turned out to be an aborted LRRP patrol in what was supposed to be an NVA regimental area. More drinks... Photo by the crew of 638 who were with us on the mission. Names I don't remember.


(Close up of the
one above)


I'm sure this is somewhere near Duc Lap just before the shit hit the fan... Photo by Ralph Peck; we had a 2 ship mission popping around the woods doing this & that. Turns out Duc Lap got clobbered just after Ralph pulled out of an LZ about sunset after dropping some much needed supplies - I think it was a few cans of Coke & some asprin. We heard all the radio traffic on the way back to the 48th / some 3000 NVA were in the woods under us all the time - I think we had a couple of drinks that night...



(Close up of the one above)



Photo taken by Jim Rankin



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