History of 773
by John Freiberger
( Photos Below)


1966 - 48th  AHC Phan Rang, Vietnam.

Jun. 67 - Damaged and sent for repairs to AVCOM, Ft. Worth, TX .  Sent 
to Ft. Sill OK.

Feb. 68 - Sent to 335th AHC Vietnam.

Jun 68 - Sent to 52nd Aviation Battalion in Pleiku, Vietnam.

Mar. 69 - Damaged and returned to AVCOM, Ft. Worth, TX for repairs.

Jun. 69 - Sent to 175th AHC at Vinh Long, Vietnam.

Oct. 69 - Damaged and sent to Naval Air Station, AVCOM for repairs.

Jun. 70 - Sent to Fort Knox, KY then on to Vancouver, WA.

Jun. 74 - Aircraft upgrade performed at Corpus Christi, TX.  Returned
to Ft. Knox, KY, then sent on to Cleveland, OH.

1975 - Sent to Maintenance unit in TX.

Jan. 97 - Transported from USMA at West Point to CO. A 501st/71st AHC
ASSOC. in Garland, TX for permanent display.


Blue Star #64-13773 is presently on display in Garland, Texas as part of the 71st AHC Vietnam Memorial.  If you're ever in the Fort Worth area, e-mail Ron Seabolt at rattlerfirebird@email.msn.com and let him know you'll be in town.  Of course it isn't wearing the Blue Star now but rather a "Rattler's" emblem on the nose.  I suspect there is still a faint outline of the Blue Star under the rattlesnake art which will be readily visible to any old member of the 48th.


3773_3.jpg (23754 bytes)
At the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
Getting ready for the journey to Texas

Photo Courtesy John Freiberger


3773_2.jpg (16399 bytes)
Beginning of restoration work
Photo Courtesy Charley Sparks (71st AHC)


3773_1.jpg (17756 bytes)
Almost ready for display
Photos Courtesy Charley Sparks (71st AHC)


Photo Courtesy John-Al Skimbo


Photo Courtesy John-Al Skimbo


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