Photos Courtesy of
Al Bruss
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TentConstruction.JPG (43118 bytes)
March 1966 NCO's from the 390th trying to figure out how to set up a GP Medium.


Tents.JPG (40452 bytes)
Pretty tight but wait till the monsoon hits!



TentInterior.JPG (62469 bytes)
Wait 'til Top sees this mess!
(Tell me that ladder doesn't go to the attic)



TentInterior2.JPG (58836 bytes)
A cot, a leak proof tent, and a stereo ...
now let the war begin!



ImprovedTent.JPG (84500 bytes)
An upscale tent (corrugated metal siding) and a veranda.  Drank a lot of San Miguel to get the bottle tops for sealing the nails when we put the tin up, but sacrafices had to be made-----after all it was war.



Wallpaper.JPG (93809 bytes)
Wallpaper (provided by Playboy Magazine) on a plywood panel , Hooch maid provided by ?



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