Courtesy of Mike Cyr

48th airfield sign erected at Marble Mountain in the 1972 time frame
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Personnel Roster

(A photo is associated with each name and may be viewed by clicking on the name)

Maj Kingman
Cpt Bodner Cpt Dobbs Cpt Halonen Cpt Hoddenpyle Cpt Hoffman
Cpt McCabe Cpt Norbert Cpt Pugh Cpt Riggs Cpt Rinehart
Cpt Rodgers Cpt Shadoan 1Lt Bridges 1Lt Campbell 1Lt Comisky
1Lt Kline 1Lt Manuel 1Lt Nelson 1Lt Sharpe 1Lt Thomason
CW2 Kelly CW2 Bumpus CW2 Gaston CW2 Henry WO1 Equels
WO1 Foss WO1 Kerr WO1 Nix WO1 Phillips WO1 Roark
WO1 Shuman WO1 Sturgess WO1 Waldron WO1 White WO1 Wilson
First Sergeant Wilson SFC Gibson SFC Harbaugh SFC Rultrough SSG Chappell
SSG Gore SSG Kelly SSG Lycznyski SSG Mattes SSG Scruggs
SSG Sherman SSG Varney SP5 Alverez SP5 Broussard SP5 Davis
SP5 Davison SP5 Dougherty SP5 Dow SP5 Gardner SP5 Greeson
SP5 Honeycutt SP5 Jennings SP5 Roas SP5 Rojas SP5 Scott
SP5 Sevey SP5 Throll SP5 Wagnon SP5 Walls SGT Coleman
SGT Loflin SGT Lyons SGT Rodman SGT Swaney SGT Tollison
SGT Walker SP4 Anderson SP4 Anglin SP4 Astol SP4 Ayers
SP4 Baughman SP4 Bausch SP4 Bergeaux SP4 Bonsell SP4 Caldwell
SP4 Carroll SP4 Childs SP4 Coney SP4 Couch SP4 Cyr
SP4 Dove SP4 Elliott SP4 Everson SP4 Flemke SP4 Forgey
SP4 Fultman SP4 Gartska SP4 Gow SP4 Grape SP4 Halde
SP4 Hendricks SP4 Henley SP4 Henry SP4 Hicks SP4 Hill
SP4 Hogan SP4 Huffman SP4 Hughes SP4 Hunter SP4 Hutchins
SP4 Ibsen SP4 Inman SP4 Isben SP4 James SP4 Jones
SP4 Jordan SP4 Kasler SP4 Kent SP4 Kidwell SP4 Kiser
SP4 Lair SP4 Lawnhorn SP4 Luna SP4 Magyar SP4 Main
SP4 Makara SP4 Malihan SP4 Matthews SP4 McCort SP4 McCreary
SP4 Monkelbann SP4 Montmery SP4 Moore SP4 Morrison ???????
SP4 Nelson SP4 Palmer SP4 Parham SP4 Parker SP4 Peterson
SP4 Pitman SP4 Popelka SP4 Raby SP4 Reed SP4 Rockne
SP4 Roos SP4 Saaverdra SP4 Santivanez SP4 Sauer SP4 Schilknecht
SP4 Schoonver SP4 Short SP4 Silva SP4 Sipes SP4 Smith
SP4 South SP4 Spechardt SP4 Spoerr SP4 Spohnhqltz SP4 Turner
SP4 Versey SP4 Walker SP4 Warner SP4 Webb SP4 Wells
SP4 White SP4 Yarbrough SP4 Zufelt PFC Casey PFC Wieckens
PVT Matias

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