Photo Courtesy of Dana Harrington

From left to right - Larry Hoenig, Mike Ehret, & Dana Harrington at Ban Me Thout sometime in '69

The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly

Joker gunship sometime in 1969

Left to right:  Wheeler ?, Gary Moorman, Larry Hoenig, Craig ? Osborne... On the
1st Flight Platoon bunker sometime in 1969

1st Platoon Hooch Trail formation Left to right: Mr. Rankin, Larry Hoenig and finally me

348 with the results of a tail rotor strike that caused the 42 degree gearbox to depart the airframe. I "think" the object hit was a Korean soldier. Can not remember the name of the crew member looking at the ship.

Maybe we can just tell the general we've got a flat!

White Horse Division troop with those famous words: "You go maybe one sortie TAC-CP."

Caught above the clouds. Hoping for a hole that did not have a mountain in it.  Toss in the 20 minute fuel warning light and life could get a bit tense

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