By John Freiberger

(From A Newspaper Article)

101st Airborne Troopers Thankful For Aviation Co. TUY HOA, (101st ABN-10)-Paratroopers of A Troop, 17th Cavalry, [1st] Brigade, 101st Airborne {unreadable word} think Capt. Donald Kelsey of the 48th Aviation Company and his crew are the greatest guys in the world. The 17th Cavalry was on operations north of here when they encountered a Viet Cong force. The Commander, Capt. Richard Magin called for gunship support. Within minutes Captain Kelsey was on the scene. The gunship commander came in shooting once he determined the location of the enemy. Immediately, the Viet Cong tried to withdraw and were caught in the {unreadable word}. "I've spotted that they have weapons," Kelsey reported over the radio to Captain Magin. "They're coming out of the village. I'm going in after them." The gunship dove at the enemy blazing with every weapon on his aircraft, and four Viet Cong fell. "I've got them," came the calm voice of Kelsey over the radio." "There're four of them laying over there. All you have to do is police them up. I'll cover you." Kelsey circled his ship overhead until the cavalrymen had the field under control. He {unreadable word} his craft for home, but he would be back several times that day to give the 17th Cavalry some breathing room. "That gunship really saved us," said the 17th Cavalry, praising Captain Kelsey and his crew. The cavalry captain said the gunship commander maneuvered his chopper in all directions, spraying the area with covering fire, and enabling A Troop to evacuate their wounded.

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