By John Murphy

I was remembering CPT Oscar Frasier an MD who was my roommate until a Dentist showed up. Doc was a cardio-thorasic surgeon and did he ever piss and moan about being a shanker mechanic. He studied under Debakee who did the first heart transplant and couldn't believe he was in the Nam. Nice guy though and did some good MedCaps into the village. They issued him a .45 and was that a mistake! He let a round go in the hooch and almost blew the Dentist’s head off! I could not believe we had a dentist in early 1969. I got my teeth cleaned twice, because the guy didn't have much to do and was scared out of his wits during a mortar attack two days after his arrival. Doc took up Tae Kwon Doe with the Korean head instructor and got me involved……good exercise he said. Doc taught Sgt. Soo English and he taught us the Korean form of martial arts.

Once a mortar round hit the Tae Kwon Doe school and killed two instructors. The school was right behind the officer’s showers on the hill. They got a UH-1D that night and killed 8 dummies who attacked the Tae Kwon Doe schools parameter. They used their hands on them, rather gruesome corpses.

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