Photos Courtesy of Rick Nordstrom

1971 - 1972

Lt. Bob Allen and Crew Chief Chris Seitz Nov 71 Left to right, Dan Grossman, unidentified, Tom Schaub (Brillo), and unidentified @ a drinking party circa 71 Left to right, Campbell, Tom Schaub (Brillo), and Dan Grossman 
WO Nordstrom on the way to the flight line Jan 72.  Way too happy---must be getting short WO Nix (lft) and WO Nordstrom  at Quang Tri 72 ---The only time you'll ever see the AC holding the door or the PP is when the PP has something on the AC WO Nix at Quang Tri --- Nordstrom told me there was a center fold in this thing but except for a cute little dash 14, this whole log book is trash
Lt Bob Allen and WO Rick Nordstrom WO Nix Captain Palumbo

If I'm lying, I'm dying, I took one screw out of the tail boom and the thing just fell apart.  It wasn't my fault, honest, it must have been the pilots---you know how they are!!!


Not sure but this may be the gunner, SP4 AE Davis on 15524, the accident on Charlie Ridge Dec. 71

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