The Blue Star E-mail Discussion List

Some time ago Ken Bording established a Blue Star e-mail discussion list for former members of the 48th and their attached units.  There are several hundred participants consisting of crewmembers, pilots, maintenance, and others.  The reflector is an e-mail list dedicated to the sole use of a particular group for the sole purpose of communicating with one another. 
This is absolutely free!!! 

By joining the list, you are able to type in one address and send your message to all members of the Blue Star Reflector.  You are also able to post pictures to the list.  You may re-establish contact with friends you have not seen or heard from in 40 to 50 years!

To get on the list,
Click on the Blue Letters or Silver Bar below:

Join the BlueStars eGroup


Your information your subscription request will be sent to Logan Weiler for approval.  The approval process is only meant to insure that the list is used by members of the 48th and attached units only, (no wannabes).  After you are approved you will begin receiving messages sent by other members of the list and you may send messages to the list. 


To post messages to the list all you need to do is reply to any of the messages you receive or type in the TO: area of your e-mail.


Please feel free to use the reflector.  It is a wonderful way to save postage and the communications is pretty close to real-time.  If you have any problems with any part of the process, contact Logan Weiler at



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