Courtesy of Gregg Seigart

All right, who fired the first shot?


Left to right back row: Gary Mills; Jerry (JC) Williamson; Ken Siegel; Rick Lane; Dan NelsonFront and center: Arthur Davis


L-R, Back to Front:
Jerry (JC) Williamson, Dave Sheets, Dan Nelson, Bob (Doc) Fuquay
Ray Gruetzner, Clyde Hackler, Bill Kodadek, Howard Ford


Here is the 1st platoon hero resting on his house outside the 1st platoon slick drivers tent in Ninh Hoa.   My dad made the house out of aluminum siding and sent it to me with Snoopy. The house stayed in Ninh Hoa, but Snoopy made it back state side and still lives with me.  OK, so I'm a few bricks short of a full load.

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